Bir Umut / A Hope


Umut (35) and his theater director wife Asiye (43) work in a private theater.  Umut’s life turns upside down within forty-two hours with the arrival of his mother, who has not seen for twenty years.


Umut (35) is an actor who wants to act in movies. His wife, Asiye (43), is a stage-director at their private theater company. Umut loses his father at the age of fourteen. Following his father’s death, his mother marries a man with three children, and he is sent to live with his uncle in Bursa. He has not had any contact with his mother for twenty years. He receives a phone call from his truck driver uncle, who is not able to return to Bursa due to a problem at the border. His mother, who lives in a small town in Anatolia, has come to Bursa for her illness, MS. Forced to take care of his mother’s treatment, Umut accidentally learns about Asiye’s pregnancy while he is at the hospital. The news causes a massive crisis because Umut does not want to have children. Asiye disappears without taking her hand-bag that her phone is inside. Umut cannot receive any news from her, despite trying hard. Because of all the feelings he accumulated over the years, he lives a great showdown with his mother, and his mother disappears as well. While looking for Asiye and her mother in Bursa’s streets during the night, Umut receives unexpected news from both of them in the morning. But he can be up with only one of them.

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